Moving is often an exciting but stressful event that requires a lot of planning, coordinating, and staying on top of every little thing. If moving from a small apartment down the street might be as easy as renting a small van and calling a few friends to wrap everything up in one day, long-distance moves involve significantly more challenging steps and unexpected expenses. Hiring a professional full-service company that is licensed and insured for state-to-state moves will take the bigger part of these problems off your hands so you can focus on preparing your new place for yourself.

Here is a quick list of top reasons why you should hire professional cross-country movers for your move:

Save Time: Full-service moving companies do pretty much all the work for you. We disassemble and pack furniture & other household goods for safe transportation, handle loading, transportation, and storage.
When you arrive at your new home, professional movers unload, reassemble and place everything where you want it.

Don’t Worry about Finding Storage for Your Belongings in Transit: Most full-service interstate moving companies offer storage-in-transit for long-distance moves that cannot be delivered immediately. Allstate Moving offers up to 30 days of free storage at one of our secure climate-controlled facilities located in multiple states across the country. We are happy to be flexible and extend your storage for as long as you need so you don’t have to arrange self-storage and further transportation on your own.

Save Money: while moving yourself might seem like a cheaper option at a first glance, small and unexpected expenses add up very quickly and often end up exceeding what you would pay to a professional moving company. This is especially true for long-distance moves, as every day of your way to a new home will turn into extra truck rental fees and other expenses including gas, hotels, parking for a truck, and much more. While packing everything and finding storage on your own opens up a whole new world of unexpected expenses.

Breathe Freely & Focus on Things that Matter to You: When you hire a full-service moving company, you can sleep tight knowing that all packing, logistics, and transportation will be handled for you. No need to spend hours researching how to pack your collection of rare action figures, how to move a dresser or a piano downstairs, or where to store your belongings for a few weeks while your new home still isn’t ready. All of this can be handled for you by a team of professional movers, coordinators, and dispatchers who know and love what they do.

Bottom line, if you know you are going to move, it's always a good idea to start planning in advance. Even if you don't have a firm date yet or if you are not sure whether you will be hiring a full-service company or handling everything on your own. The best way to get a head start is to speak to someone who has experience moving and can help you with advice.

At Allstate Moving, our moving specialists are always happy to speak to you about your move and to answer any questions you may have.

Feel free to reach us by calling 888-959-9585.