Are you planning a long-distance move? Looking for information on how to make your cross-country relocation more organized and easier? We have got your back! We prepared the best 6 tips that will empower you in your long-distance move. Take your time to review all these steps deliberately to understand each step for your safety.

1. First and foremost, find a licensed and insured professional moving company. You don’t want to end up receiving low-quality services or, even worse, deal with scammers. The good news is that you can check if a company is licensed using DOT’s safer portal. If the company is legit, they will be able to provide you with their DOT and MC license numbers along with other information that can be used to look them up.

2. Reserve a move date in advance. To ensure your cross-country move date, it is better to plan everything ahead and make sure the moving company will be available on your desired day. Many companies offer lower rates for advance reservations so booking your move in advance may also save you money.

3. Moving forward, deal with the packing. You need to evaluate your household and decide whether you will take care of boxes on your own or purchase a full-pack moving service that includes packing for you.

4. Next, prepare a separate bag with moving day essentials and valuables. Keep your valuables with you: documents like birth and marriage certificates, passports, and other important paperwork. Also, include everything you might need for a few days while moving: basic clothing, toothbrushes, medications, phone charger, and other necessities.

5. Update your address information with banks and other vendors. This will secure you from losing any important mail when settling in a new place.

6. And lastly, update your driver’s license and register to vote with your new home address.

Following these tips will facilitate you to stay organized during your long-distance relocation. To make this process even less stress-free, consider contacting Allstate Moving for a free interstate moving quote. Our company offers professional cross-country moving services from many states across the U.S. We are a fully licensed and insured company with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We strive to provide quality moving, storing, and packing services; and that’s all you need for a perfect relocation. Contact us today to get your free quote